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Where is the NFC sensor located on a IPHONE? Where is the NFC sensor located on a ANDROID?

For newer iPhones, it is located to the top front your phone, For older iPhones, the NFC sensor is generally on the back of the phone, either in the center, lower or upper portions. It may take a bit of experimenting to see which angle works best for your phone. If you have used Apple Pay, the same angles you use to pay should work for the Hotspot NFC tags. For ANDROID: Make sure that the card is placed against the NFC sensor of your phone. It is located on the top part of the back of your phone or near the rear camera

Can I install/upload anything I want on there?

Upload images and information you want to be made public and shared to anyone interested, remember it is a digital business card and not a place to upload and save personal information. All uploaded information can be changed and updated at your convenience, changes are made instantly on the digital business card, this ensures that your digital business card is always updated and relevant.

How do i order my Super Smart Contactless Business Card?

The Super Smart Contactless Business Cards are sold seporately for a one time fee of $100.00 Bds, you can order it after you have created your digital business card. Visit to order your card.

Which phones can work with NFC technology from VCARD CARIBBEAN?

Anyone can use VCARD CARIBBEAN'S products, it works well on phones with NFC technology Note: Some Androids are compatible but have NFC turned off in phone settings!

Who can use this service? Who is this service for?

VCARD CARIBBEAN digital business card technology was designed for the business professional or anyone who wants to make a great first impression. This technology works with all smartphone with NFC technology, clients can also scan the QR code on your smart card to access your digital business card if they don't have a NFC enabled device.

How can I communicate with you?

You can call or What's APP 1-246-251-3166 or email [email protected] We are a bajan technology company, you can feel free to contact us anytime with any question.

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