About the company

VCARD CARIBBEAN, is a Digital Business Card Creator Platform, an easy way to share your Business contact information with customers and grow your professional relationships. Visit YouTube and search for "VCARD CARIBBEAN" for tutorials. After you have Selected a paid plan, visit https://www.vcardcaribbean.com/mycard to order your Contactless Smart Business Card We are working on more attractive products to help Businesses and Entrepreneurs easily share their business information with potential clients efficiently and with a flair of style and sophistication. In addition to our Service, we have introduced The Contactless Smart Business Card, powered with NFC technology that allows the user to tap the card on any modern Smartphone with NFC technology built in (Which exist in 95% of modern Smartphone’s) to instantly load the VCARD or (Virtual Business Card) which can be saved directly to their Phonebook / Contacts of their Smartphone, ensuring that their Business information is never thrown away.

Our Technology is very safe to use, the user has 100% autonomy with their account, with the ability to login and update or change any information about their account or VCARD at anytime and as many times as needed by the user without any added charges to their account, each account is password protected, known only by the user, not even the Admin of the platform has access to that information, so feel at ease that your account is protected and accessible to only the User/Owner of the Account. If by chance the user no longer requires our service, they can delete their account and all of their Data will be deleted also. In the near Future we are working on new products that users can use if they don’t necessarily need a Contactless Smart Business Card, like the VCARD CARIBBEAN Tap Buddy and other NFC wearable technology.

Compatible Phones MUST READ: Anyone can use VCARD CARIBBEAN'S products, it works well on phones with NFC technology, see a list of phones below. Note: Some Androids are compatible but have NFC turned off in phone settings!

iPhones: iPhone 7 (only with iOS 14 NFC widget in control center) iPhone 8 (only with iOS 14 NFC widget in control center) iPhone X (only with iOS 14 NFC widget in control center) iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd Generation) all future iPhones

Pixels: Pixel Pixel XL Pixel 2 Pixel 2XL Pixel 3 Pixel 3XL Pixel 3A Pixel 3aXL Pixel 4 all future Pixels

Galaxy: SIII S4 S5 S6 S6 Edge S6 Edge+ S7 S7Edge S8 S8+ S9 S9+ S10 S10 5G S10+ S20 S20+ A20 A20e A30 A50 A51 Galaxy Fold Galaxy Fold 2 all future Galaxies

Samsung: Note 8 Note 9 Note 10 Note 10+ Note 20 Note 20 Ultra Note 20 Ultra Plus all future Samsungs HTC: One M9 Desire 10 Pro Exodus 1 U11/Life/+ Desire 12/12+ U11 Eyes U12 Life U12+ U19e 19+ all future HTC phones

LG: G3 Nexus 5X V10 G4 K10 V20 G5 G6 V30 V35 ThinQ Q Stylus Q Stylo 4 Stylo 5 V40 ThinQ V50 ThinQ 5G Q8 Q7 G7 ThinQ G8 G8s ThinQ Q9 One all future LG phones

Huawei: P10 P10 Plus P10 Lite P20 P20 Pro P20 Lite P30 P30 Pro P30 Lite all future Huawei models

Xiaomi: Mi Mix Mi Mix2 Mi Mix 2S Mi Mix 3 Mi5 Mi5s Mi5 Plus Mi6/X Mi6 Mi8 Mi8 Lite Mi8 Pro Mi9 Mi9 SE all future Xiaomi phones

Nokia: 3 5 6 8 8.1 6.1 8 Sirocco 7 Plus 5.1 9 PureView all future Nokias OnePlus – One, 3, 3T, 5, 5T, 6, 6T, 7, 7 Pro, 7 Pro 5G, all future OnePlus phones

Motorola – Moto P50, Moto X4, Moto Z3, Moto Z3 Play, all future Motorolas Sony – Xperia XZ1/Compact, Xperia 1, 10/Plus, Xperia XA1/Ultra/Plus, Xperia XZ2/Compact/Premium, Xperia XA2/Ultra/Plus, Xperia XZ3, all future Sony phones Essential – PH, PH-1, all future Essential phones